Galaxy Express 999 - Maetel Costume, Wig and "Eyes" - All items created under the supervision of Leiji Matsumoto

Set Bonus

Customers who buy the costume, wig and Maetel Eyes at the same time will receive a special pass that appeared in Galaxy Express 999 as a special present!

※Pass case not included.

Maetel Costume & Wig

Now everyone can acheive
the Maetel silhouette!

We have sizes for men too.







Maetel Costume (Cape, Dress and Hat)

9,990 yen
(tax exc.)

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※Please note that the above sizes are just a guide and there may be some variation between individual costumes.

Maetel Wig

3,999 yen
(tax exc.)

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The eyes that raced across the galaxy.

Maetel, the mysterious beauty who appeared in Galaxy Express 999. Her captivating eyelashes have been perfectly brought into the real world.

Soft and comfortable to wear, with an almost unrivaled lightness. By using delicate hair these Maetel designed-lashes have more volume & length than regular false eyelashes, but also weigh less reducing eye strain.

Just 999 yen
(tax exc.)

Maetel Eyes - The Lineup

Nostalgic Eyes

For eyes with a mysteriously nostalgic charm.

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Feminine Eyes

For eyes that exuberate feminine beauty and elegance.

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Cool Eyes

For eyes that are sharp and with refined knowledge.

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Casual Eyes

For naturally impressive eyes with a focus on the outer eye.

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